Stickman promote partnership with Snom


We are delighted to release a case study detailing our use of Snom VOIP equipment as part of our m.e.s.h. and business centre solutions to deliver broadband and telephony to business centres, serviced offices and managed workspace across the UK.

With many thousands of handsets in daily use providing high quality telephony to business users, we are proud to deploy the Snom brand which has proven itself to be reliable and dependable hardware across a demanding user base.

Stickman have deployed VOIP handsets to business of all sizes across the UK, and our custom m.e.s.h. solution allowing effortless provision of voice and data to shared workspace is used by over 100 business centres.

Read our case study here: Snom Stickman Case Study

Please contact us to find out more information or read more about m.e.s.h. on our dedicated site.