An innovative business phone system in the cloud. Voice communications are a critical aspect when dealing with customers and when it comes to CRM can impact your customers’ experience more than anything else.

MESH Voice gives you a powerful feature set at a drastically reduced cost from traditional phone systems with greater efficiency and scalability. Save on set-up, maintenance and call charges, make and receive calls from anywhere with a phone system that is hosted in the cloud. This solution takes full advantage of VoIP technology with the flexibility to adapt to meet your changing needs.

Providing you with a more powerful feature set than traditional systems : – Fully hosted cloud system – Call recording – Call logs – Call Forwarding – Conferencing – Virtual Diverts – Online portal – Support – Queues – IVR – Time based rules Utilise existing infrastructure – save on additional investment with most infrastructure and back-end requirements offloaded to the cloud. Integrate into your CRM system – with the ability to smoothly integrate with your existing CRM system, providing you with contact centre software straight from your CRM.

Only invest in what you need – Affordable low capacity plans are available eliminating any upfront costs for capacity that is not required. Scalable for businesses of all sizes – Adding capacity and additional capabilities is very easy, you don’t have to worry about investing in a new platform, your current platform will grow  alongside you. Powerful and easy to manage – The single management console allows for easy remote management of your systems.