MESH Hospitality is a bespoke internet gateway that can be integrated with our MESH 2 Broadband or used as a standalone solution. It provides secure safe Wi-Fi that is easy to manage, simple to use and lets you get to know your customers and engage with them better.

MESH H is hosted in the cloud and uses readily available hardware to insure its cost effective and easy to integrate with a multitude of existing onsite hardware. Integration and flexibility sit at the heart of what we do, meaning that importing data into your CRM or having a direct integration with you PMS are all possible.

Here are just some of the features our MESH Hospitality platform can support.

  • Mobile ready customisable and branded landing pages with live check technology meaning you can easily match you own branding and online experience
  • Cloud hosted gateway offering hardware light installations and easy remote access.
  • Simple first visit logon methods from auto register, form fill or social media logins. Social media logins are quick and easy for guest and provide a wealth of guest information that you own.
  • Welcome back – stores every guest, returning guests are welcomed back after a defined and adjustable period.
  • Destination based bandwidth control. Throttle video streaming websites in your basic package to drive guests to a premium service or to just create a better service for everyone.
  • Fully integrated with PayPal meaning easy access to a paid Wi-Fi service and no transaction fees for you.
  • Localised content availability, free sites and promotional opportunities.
  • MetaData logging offering peace of mind around government legislation for the recording of internet activity.


Why not give us a call to discuss how MESH Hospitality can help your space?       0207 487 8300