MESH 2 is a sophisticated communications management platform hosted in the cloud for serviced office, multi-tenanted buildings and flexible workspace, providing business critical IT services to clients.

MESH 2 offers complete control of the network, internet and telephony services, with the technology and commercials that enable upselling of services creating new revenue streams and best-in-class return on investment.

Here are just some of the features our MESH platform can support.

  • Simple Guest User Interface – Saves you time by making complex IT requirements and management simple, offering a bespoke service which is easy to operate and configure.
  • Minimal training investment required – Activate or de-activate customers with a single click.
  • Secure Central WiFi connection – Ensure clients can securely connect to their office network from anywhere on property without complexity. Ensuring their data can be seen and used by them and no-one else!
  • No more high monthly ongoing fees – once you have recovered the capital investment it’s up to you what to do with the profit.
  • Third party integration – we allow utilisation of existing hardware and assets with our flexible approach and wide range of product integrations.
  • Drive additional value to your clients – With MESH2 you have the ability to distribute and monetise Public IP addresses with ease, leveraging the latest technologies. Empower your clients to create push-button deployments through templates and orchestration.
  • Cost efficiency – Monitor bandwidth consumption by total usage, client usage or bandwidth group. Are you paying too much and who are your heaviest users.
  • Live back up and secondary failover – In the event of an outage, have peace of mind knowing that there is full support available from our dedicated helpdesk team.
  • Additional uptime – Our management technology can spot issues before they become true outages allowing you (with alert functionality) to monitor all critical on-site devices and connectivity in a nonintrusive manner, therefore pay for itself with a single instance of an averted problem!
  • Automatic ‘Switch Loop’ alerts – MESH 2 will automatically alert and identify customers accidentally looped to one another. Avoiding hours of technical trouble shooting and unhappy clients.
  • Sustainable Hardware – MESH 2 is designed to work with MikroTik Router OS supplying a sustainable and cost effective hardware platform.

Why not give us a call to discuss how MESH2 can help your space?       0207 487 8300